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Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy


10th Assembly


161. Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Health

Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy

1. How much money will be spent on the Government’s Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy in 2005/2006 and how does the amount compare to what was spent in 2004/2005.
2. Detail the programs that make up the strategy and their allocation. Detail the program outcomes for 2004/2005.


Answered on 07/02/2006

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Question 1
Expenditure 2004/05 $8.316M
Allocation 2005/06 $8.884M

Additional Australian Government funding is expected in 2005/06 but does not yet appear in the allocation.

Question 2


Preventable Chronic Disease
$2,713 K
$2,654 K
Nutrition/Phys Activity
$2,426 K
$2,278 K
Maternal/Child Health
$3,177 K
$3,952 K
$8,316 K
$8,884 K
*Additional Commonwealth funding for the Nutrition and Physical Activity Program and the PCD Program is expected in 2005/06 but does not yet appear in the allocation.

Grants to predominantly Darwin and Alice Springs urban-based non-Government Organisations (such as Healthy Living NT/Diabetes Australia NT) do not appear in the above program allocations. DHCS funding to Healthy Living NT/Diabetes Australia NT in 2004/05 and 2005/06 is $599 000 pa.

Some other areas of expenditure that clearly provide PCD effort are Remote Health, Acute Care and Community Services. Expenditure in these areas on PCDS is not reported discretely as PCDS is delivered as an integrated element of comprehensive primary health care.

A PCDS performance reporting framework, including both outcome and service activity indicators was last reported against in 2001. The PCD Program is currently working with Health Gains Planning to produce a 2004 PCDS status/performance report.
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