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40. Motor Vehicle Registry, Telephone Service

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

    Minister on the 3rd of December 2008 I was contacted by a constituent who complained about the waiting time when phoning the MVR with a telephone inquiry. Consequently I called the MVR through the Government switch and followed the prompts until I was placed in a queue. I then remained on hold for 27 minutes and 50 seconds before the call was answered. The whole call took 28 minutes and 15 seconds. The call was terminated at 14:53 hrs:

    1. Would you kindly advise why these delays are occurring.

    2. Do these response timeframes represent an effective, efficient and timely service to Territorians.

    3. Is there a policy developed within which this service is required to operate and if so is this service meeting the benchmark set.


Answered on 06/02/2009

1. Telephone calls to the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) are directed through an automated call management system (QMaster). This system has the ability for customers to follow prompts which allow them to access frequently requested information, or to speak to a Customer Service Officer. The Call Centre receives approximately 16 000 calls a month with nearly half of these calls being answered by Customer Service Officers. Unfortunately waiting times to speak to an Officer can vary, depending on the number of calls received at any one time and the complexity of individual enquiries.
2. The Call Centre endeavourers to answer all calls promptly. Although your personal experience took a long time, the Call Centre aims to answer all calls received within a two minute timeframe.
3. The QMaster system has been set up to notify Call Centre staff if a customer has been on hold for longer than two minutes. However, due to the complexity of MVR’s business and depending on the number of calls received at any given time, it is not always possible to answer all calls within two minutes.

I am advised that MVR has recently recruited a number of new staff and every effort is being made to assign experienced staff to the Call Centre to meet periods of high demand and minimise delays.

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