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Treasury Portfolio Finance


11th Assembly


255. Treasury Portfolio Finance

Mr Westra van Holthe to Treasurer for


As of 1 July 2011:
      Promotion and Advertising

      1. How much was spent on promotion of Territory Bonds in 2010/2011.

      2. How much was spent on the Buy Territory campaign in 2010/11.


      3. What is the current projection for unemployment in the NT across the forward estimates period.

      Public Sector Spending

      4. How many departments met the targets of an efficiency dividend in the 2009/10 year and in the 2010/11 year.

      5. What is the projected saving in 2011/12 against 2010/11 from a public sector hiring freeze.

      6. What is the projection of total public sector employees in each of the forward years to 2014/15.

      Government Asset Sales

      7. What items are included in the area of assets sales revenue in the 2011/12 Budget, and what specific items are valued at more than $5M.


      8. How much has been spent advertising the BuildBonus scheme.

      9. How many applications have been made for the BuildBonus scheme.

      10. How many applications have you received since the 4th May? How many in Katherine, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek.

      11. How many additional dwellings are predicted to be constructed because of this incentive.

      Seniors Concession

      12. How many seniors accessed the Seniors Stamp Duty concession rebate in 2010/11.

      Growth Towns

      13. How much is set aside for capital investment in growth towns in 2011/12.

      14. What are the major capital projects that are being funded.

      15. Are they Territory or Commonwealth investments.

      Marine Supply Base

      16. How is the government going to fund the marine supply base.

      17. How much has the government allocated for its contribution to this project, and is the contribution through a lease commitment, land ownership or cash payment.


      18. What is the additional cost to the Northern Territory of the Commonwealth means testing child care rebates.

      19. What are the number of public sector employees whose positions are tied to Commonwealth funding of the BER, SIHIP and the Intervention and are budgeted to finish in 2011/12, by project.


Answered on 18/08/2011

Last updated: 04 Aug 2016