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Construction Division


11th Assembly


96. Construction Division

Mr giles to for Construction

    In relation to the Construction Division:

    1. How many employees are in the Division.

    2. What is the number of employees in each physical location of the Division (eg Darwin/Katherine/Tennant Creek/Alice Springs etc).

    3. In 2009, how many projects were managed by the Construction Division.

    4. As of 1 April 2010, how many projects are being actively managed by the Division.

    5. In 2009, how many consultants and contractors had been employed by the construction Division.

    6. For each of these consultants and contractors, what was the tender process used to engage them.

    7. For each of these consultants and contractors what were the tender numbers, the scope of the project, what was the contracted cost, was the contract completed without additional cost, was the contract completed in the required timeliness and if not, when was the project completed and was any additional work required to complete the tendered activity.

    8. For each of these consultants and contractors, from where was the service delivered (eg NT or location interstate).

    9. In 2009 what was the original tendered amount for each project managed by the construction division.

    10. What was the final cost, including any later variations and/or change of scope or cost savings for the contracts.

    11. Were any Northern Territory or Commonwealth personnel from other government agencies utilised for tasks related to the work of the construction division, if so, how many and from where.

    12. What payments were made by the construction division in regard to personnel from any other Northern Territory or Commonwealth agency.

    13. What was the scope of work undertaken by these personnel.


Answered on 16/07/2010
    Answer to Written Question No. 96 – Construction Division

      This question requires a significant amount of effort by the agency to produce an answer that would provide the detail requested.

      All agencies are involved in a lot of work in preparing for Estimates Committee hearings and in doing so will be collating information similar to that which has been requested.

      In order to avoid unnecessary pressure and duplication by the public servants who have to provide this information, I will be prepared to answer these questions in further detail at Estimates Committee.
    Last updated: 04 Aug 2016