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RDH - Emergency Department


10th Assembly


139. RDH - Emergency Department

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Health

RDH - Emergency Department
    In March this year, a nurse at Royal Darwin wrote to the Chief Minister to highlight her “extreme concerns” about the Emergency Department. She wrote that “what is really needed is an urgent increase in funding for the entire hospital…” and that increasing bed numbers needs to occur now”. She also wrote that nurses are concerned that an “unavoidable death” would occur unless action was taken:

    1. What actions have been taken to address these issues of concern.


Answered on 07/02/2006


Two key initiatives have commenced to ease the pressure on the Emergency Department (ED) staff, reduce patient wait times and free up beds in Royal Darwin Hospital. These are the expansion of Hospital in the Home, and the introduction of a Discharge Lounge.

In addition NT Health Direct enables Territorians to get medical advice over the phone and make informed decisions on when and where to seek care, is also having a positive impact on the ED.
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