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Darwin Waterfront Corporation


11th Assembly


256. Darwin Waterfront Corporation

Mr Mills to for Chief Minister in regard to the Department of the Chief Minister


The Darwin Waterfront Corporation was created to deliver re-development of historic industrial land and port related infrastructure through a public-private partnership:

1. Could you advise for each financial year, 2006/07 until 2010/11 –

      (a) the financial contribution the Northern Territory Government has made to the Corporation, through payments for capital and operating purposes;

      (b) a description of the land, the amount of land (and/or% interest in the land) the area and the value of the land transferred or sold to the Corporation by the Northern Territory Government; and

      (c) In 2011, the current value of the Corporation assets and the most recent valuation of the land )or interest in the land) held by the Corporation.

2. Could you also please advise –

      (a) the total cost of constructing the Community Infrastructure assets of the Corporation;

      (b) the total cost of constructing the Convention Centre;

      (c) the current financial liabilities of the Corporation in relation to the operation of the Convention Centre and a description of those liabilities;

      (d) the current sources of income of the Corporation , and the estimated income in 2011/12;

      (e) the budgeted operational expenditure of the Corporation in 2011/12;

      (f) the 2011/12 capital investment program of the Corporation; and

      (g) the amount which the Northern Territory government has received (excluding stamp duty) from any sale or lease of property or any interest in land under the control of the Corporation.


Answered on 31/08/2011

Last updated: 04 Aug 2016