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Trans Territory Pipeline


10th Assembly


20. Trans Territory Pipeline

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Trans Territory Pipeline

1. Chief Minister how many jobs will now not come to the Territory because of the collapse of the Trans Territory pipeline deal.
2. What does the loss of the Trans Territory pipeline mean in lost cost benefit to the Territory economy.
3. What impact will the collapse of the Trans Territory pipeline have on Woodside’s continued presence in the Territory.
4. Has the Territory Government spent any money in assisting to secure the Trans Territory pipeline project for the Territory.
5. Chief Minister Indigenous stakeholders say they were looking to buy equity in the Trans Territory pipeline project with funding support from Governments; What would have been the Territory Government’s contribution to this equity proposal.


Answered on 05/10/2005

1. The exact number of operational positions linked to the TTP had not been determined. However, an estimate had been made of between 15-20 permanent jobs.

2. The proponents had undertaken an economic benefit analysis of the project. It was valued at $ 993m over 30 years. The nett revenue to the Territory Government was $4.9m and the Federal Government would receive $ 43.4m over 33 years.

3. Woodside would be best placed to answer this question.

4. The Territory Government established a Taskforce to manage the facilitation demands of the TTP. Costs were incurred on that basis and absorbed within departmental budgets. No funds were provided to the TTP.

5. The Northern Land Council had approached the Federal Government for financial support for an equity purchase. It did not make any similar request to the Territory Government, despite suggestions to the contrary.
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