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Cane Toads


10th Assembly


240. Cane Toads

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Natural Resources, Environment and Heritage

Cane Toads

Minister, considerable time by your government has been put into addressing the invasion of cane toads into the Territory. Interestingly enough the seriousness of the cane toads wasn’t addressed until they were literally invading the northern suburbs. They have been in the Territory for a considerable time before that.

1. Can you tell me please Minister what funding is allocated in this budget for cane toad eradication.


Answered on 05/10/2005

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The member’s use of the word eradication is inappropriate. Nowhere in the world has a single invasive/feral species ever been “eradicated” from a continental environment once established (Bomford, M. (2003) Risk Assessment for the Import and Keeping of Exotic Vertebrates in Australia. Bureau of Rural Sciences, Canberra.). What is accomplished is effective management of the invasive/feral species.

Funding allocated in the 2005 - 06 budget for cane toad management totals $480 000:
- $100 000 for the third year of the Island Ark project (this includes the quoll relocation program and the island biosecurity program);
- $100 000 for long-term control measures (this is for the development of modelling of control mechanisms and determination of optimal control strategy);
- $270 000 for community based cane toad management project in the greater Darwin urban and rural area (Frogwatch NT project); and
- $10 000 for continuation of the National Cane Toad Taskforce.

Additionally, $390 000 will be allocated from the 2004 - 05 and $30 000 from the 2005 - 06 NRM Strategic Reserve, representing matching Federal funding for the $420 000 of NT funding for the community based cane toad management project.
$390 000 for 2005 - 06 will be broken up into:
- $200 000 for moderating environmental impacts of cane toad invasion – conservation of northern quoll;
- $120 000 for enhanced island biosecurity – protection of barge facilities in Darwin and Gove; and
- $70 000 for community awareness in the Victoria River District – co-operative management with Western Australia to increase community awareness of the cane toad issue in the Victoria River District to assist in prevention of the spread of the cane toad into WA.

An Election Commitment was also made of $100 000 for a cane toad trap subsidy of $30 per trap, for approved design traps.
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