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Bellamack consortium, Urban Pacific and Brierty


11th Assembly


34. Bellamack consortium, Urban Pacific and Brierty

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Planning and Lands

    Minister you recently announced that the new suburb of Bellamack will be developed by a consortium, Urban Pacific and Brierty:

    1. What is the area of land they have purchased.

    2. How much did they pay for the land.

    3. What infrastructure will they be their responsible for.

    4. Will there be covenants on the blocks and who has a say in what those covenants will be.

    5. Has the consortium any previous experience in developing in the tropics.

    6. Will builders be able to buy multiple blocks and will there be restrictions on the number they can purchase.

    7. Will builders who buy land and build houses on their own land be eligible for the Buildstart grant.


Answered on 09/03/2009
    The Government has determined that the Urban Pacific Limited and Brierty Limited Consortium has been selected as the preferred proponent to develop Bellamack Lease Areas A and B, subject to satisfactory contract negotiations.

    The Department of Planning and Infrastructure and the Department of Justice are currently negotiating the details of the lease and development agreement with the Consortium.

    1. The area of land that the Consortium will be creating into a high quality sustainable residential development is approximately 72 hectares of land within Lot 6, Town of Palmerston.

    2. The Territory Government’s past practice in developing residential subdivision has generally been an upfront payment to purchase the Crown land. However, the Bellamack Payment Agreement model for the residential development leases is derived from the creation and sale of vacant land lots and offsets the cost against the revenue. The Government’s equity in Bellamack is the land (Lot 6) valued at $20 million by the independent Australian Valuation Office and the anticipated funding of the head works (estimated at $9 million). The Consortium’s equity in the project will result from the funding of all the development costs and charges.
        The Government will receive a percentage of the purchase price of the gross sale price of each lot at sale/transfer from the developer to purchaser and this amount is commercial in confidence.

    3. The Consortium will be responsible for the installation of all internal:
    water sensitive urban design systems;
    a third pipe system; and
    a smart telecommunications platform.

    4. It is at the discretion of the developer to determine if covenants are to be placed on the land. The Consortium has indicated that it will implement design guidelines to ensure a high standard of quality built form and environment is achieved within a particular timeframe. It is understood that the guidelines will incorporate sufficient flexibility to allow for creativity and the design of individual homes to meet lifestyle needs. The Consortium will be working closely with the City of Palmerston regarding the proposed guidelines.

    5. Urban Pacific Limited has been responsible for conceiving and delivering major residential estates and integrated housing developments throughout Australia, South Africa and the United States. The Consortium has engaged experienced consultants from Darwin who have the local expertise and knowledge to plan and develop Bellamack. The Consortium also believes that the participation of local builders is an essential element for achieving the key outcomes of housing diversity; affordability; quality, innovative and sustainable design; relevant to the diverse requirements of the Darwin market and climatic conditions.

    6. Housing diversity is a Territory Government objective to ensure that new residential developments provide housing variety to enable a wide range of income groups and household types to have a choice. This will be achieved in Bellamack by stipulating that a limit of no more than 50 per cent of lots in Bellamack (i.e. approximately 350 lots) should be sold directly to building companies. The sale of a maximum of two blocks to individuals will also reduce the incidence of land speculation.

    7. Buildstart is a new Territory Government funded scheme to stimulate the construction of more housing in the Northern Territory. The Treasurer has confirmed that the intention of the Buildstart scheme is that the person purchasing a new house or unit, contracting to have a new house built, or building a new house as an owner builder, will receive the grant. The eligibility criteria for Buildstart will clarify that builders are not eligible for the grant as owner builders for the purpose of constructing a house for sale, which is a consistent treatment with unit developers who are not eligible for the grant in relation to units they build. Builders remain eligible for houses they build for themselves to live in or to use as a rental property.
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