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Court Services Budget


10th Assembly


88. Court Services Budget

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General

Court Services Budget

1. Please explain, what has happened to the Court Services Budget given the following:
      (a) the budget in 04/05 was $24,672;
      (b) the estimate for 04/05 was $26,639;
      (c) this year’s budget is $25,505, and

      how much has actually been spent by the 30th June 2005?
2. There has been an increase of less than $1m. Why has there been an increase.


Answered on 06/02/2006

F:\LIAISON\Ministerial Liaison\Ministerials\Executive\2005\051346_Written Question - Court Services Budget.doc
1. The amount actually spent by 30 June 2005 was $27,276,000. The budget of $24,672,000 was the original budget. The difference is a combination of unexpected legal costs and other activity driven operational costs plus back pay and pay increases to the judiciary and the magistracy.

2. The increase consists of:

Volatile Substance Abuse funding; and
Internal adjustments reflecting charges in Department of Justice corporate arrangements which will have a nil net effect.
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