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Management of Drunk Offenders


10th Assembly


178. Management of Drunk Offenders

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Management of Drunk Offenders

1. How many extra police will be devoted specifically to this task of collecting drunks.
2. What is the forecast increase in operational costs for this drunk’s collection service.
3. How many extra vehicles will be put on the road to deal with the collection of drunks.
4. When the drunks are collected by police what will happen to them. (i.e. what, where will they be taken.)
5. If a drunk is picked up say at Casuarina and is being conveyed to the police cells what is the time that this vehicles and its officers will effectively be off the road.
6. How does the Police Commissioner prioritise issues of policing. i.e. where does the shuttling of drunks to sobering up shelters and police cells sit on the priority scale in comparison to controlling gangs and street violence or simply protecting people’s property and homes.


Answered on 27/09/2005

1. Eight additional Aboriginal Community Police Officers will be employed to assist existing resources in targeting anti-social activity, hotspots and public intoxication.

2. $770,000 in new funding.

3. Two.

4. Persons apprehended for protective custody are currently taken to the Sobering Up Shelter if one is operating in that Community. Alternatives are to convey the intoxicated person to the Police Lock-up or where appropriate, to another place where there is a person who is sober and willing to take care of the intoxicated person until such a time as the person is not in need of care.

5. If a person is apprehended for protective custody at the Casuarina Shopping Centre, he or she would most likely be conveyed to the Sobering Up Shelter (SUS) in Coconut Grove - a turnaround time of about 30 minutes. If the intoxicated person is, for a number of reasons, conveyed to the Watch house in the city, the turnaround time would increase to about 50 minutes.

6. Social disorder and public drunkenness are areas of concern to the community and are often precursors to more serious problems. Utilising intelligence-led policing in conjunction with a partnership approach with key community stakeholders, different approaches and priorities are established at unit, station, division and command level.
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