Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Outstations, funding and Housing


11th Assembly


258. Outstations, funding and Housing

Mr Giles to MINISTER for Indigenous Development


1. Please provide a current list of all Indigenous Communities in the Northern Territory according to their English and Aboriginal names and their geographical location. Please include details of the funding classification of each of these whether they are classed as a Town Camp/Growth Town/Community/Small Community/Outstation (Funded)/Outstation (Unfunded).

2. Please provide a list of all funded Outstations/Homelands and the services that are currently provided at each of these and who is the funded organisation and whether they are in administration or not.

3. Also please provide the name, year of construction if known and assessed value of every accommodation dwelling in every Indigenous community and whether they are tenanted or not and by which agency or Territory Housing.

4. In regard to outstations/homelands please detail –
          (a) number of houses in each outstation;

          (b) whether they are occupied or not;

          (c) whether they are occupied more than 8 months or not;

          (d) what funding level is provided for each of these outstations/homelands house/dwelling and to which agency/body for administration;’ and

          (e) by way of a breakdown by location which of these dwellings are houses and the size of these houses and which are lean-tos or metal sheds.


Answered on 01/02/2012

Last updated: 04 Aug 2016