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59. Advertising/Information Campaigns

Mr Westra Van Holthe to MINISTER for Regional Development

    For the years 2007, 2008 and 2009:

    1. What advertising or information campaigns have been undertaken by the Ministerial portfolio. Please provide the name of each campaign and which companies were engaged to undertake the work.

    2. What was the cost of each of these campaigns.

    3. Please advise the months in which the expenditure occurred, the medium that was used for the campaign (TV, Leaflet, Radio) and the amount spent on each medium.

    4. What market or other research was under taken ahead of each campaign, who conducted it, at what cost and when was it undertaken.


Answered on 17/07/2009

Please refer to attachments A-D.
Attachment A
    Advertising campaign was undertaken in 2007-08 by the Regional Development (RD) unit for the development of the Alice Springs Economic Profile.

    The development of this document commenced in September 2007. Marketing and communication strategy was developed by the former Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development’s Communications unit at this time to support the following phases of the project:
    Business confidence survey
    Updating the Alice Springs Investment Opportunities Brochure
    Launch of the Alice Springs Economic Profile (ASEP).
      Big Picture Graphic Art was engaged to design and collate the document, promotional banners, CD’s.

      This is a web based document with 50 copies printed in house for the official launch.

      Cost of the campaign was covered by the RD unit. The following expenditure was incurred:
          Report writingIn house – existing resources
          Survey designIn house – existing resources
          Survey implementationCharles Darwin University (CDU) business students
          $15 000
          Printing2000 x updated investment brochure
          Collateral for communication strategiesASEP Banner Bug design and production

          Reprint Alice Springs Investment Opportunities brochure

          Graphic design of ASEP

          Printing and burning ASEP CDs

          Graphic design of Centralian business feature advertisement

          Design, layout and development of the ASEP publication.

          Placement in the Centralian Advocate (launch of document only)






          $32 296
      1. Media campaign to create business participation in the Business Confidence survey held in November 2007. This included; launching the survey through October Business Month event 2007, newspaper and radio media prior to survey collection dates. Expenditure occurred during October-November 2007.

      2. Launching of the final Profile document, May 2008. This included a media campaign to create public discussion on the released document. Mediums included: newspaper, Territory Quarterly Magazine and local radio media (ABC).

      3. Updated Investment Opportunities Brochure was launched along side the Profile document, May 2008. Expenditure occurred in May 2008.

      Note: Some free media was utilised for the survey and the launch of the document, such as: Centralian Advocate, Alice Springs News, ABC radio and Territory Quarterly magazine.

      Research into the development of the Communications Strategy was undertaken internally by the Marketing and Communications Unit, taking into account the following:

      1. Engaging local providers
      2. Value for money
      3. Identifying mediums that would suit our target audiences; being local Alice Springs businesses.

      Attachment B
      Q59 - ATTACHMENT B
      Indigenous Economic Development (IED) Forum 2007

      $30 599

      February–November 2007

      Print advertising = $4121- Northern Territory News
      - Centralian Advocate Alice Springs
      - Alice Springs News
      - Katherine Times
      - Arafura Times
      - Tennant Creek and District Times
      Television advertising = $4708- Imparja
      Radio advertising = $2249- Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) Radio
      - Yolngu Radio/ Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc. (ARDS)
      - Top End Aboriginal Business Broadcasting Association (TEABBA) and Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme (BRACS) Radio
      - Radio Larakia
      Other = $19 520Artwork - Big Picture
      Email - work undertaken by department
      Direct mailout - work undertaken by department
      Pull up banners - Big Picture
      Printing - NT Government Printers
      Promotional materials - The Whole Box n Dice, Stickers & Stuff, Corporate Express

      No formal market research was conducted prior to this campaign.

      Attachment C

      Q59 - ATTACHMENT C
      Katherine Economic Profile


      March 2009
      GKBL Advertising - $580
      Have Your Say - $1862
        Former Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development and Department of Regional Development, Primary Industries, Fisheries and Resources staff.

        Attachment D

        Q59 - ATTACHMENT D
        Indigenous Business Promotion Strategy - Northern Territory Industry Capability Network (NTICN) Database. Work undertaken by department.

        2008: $10 000 – Minister’s Media Campaign Fund
        $5875 – former Department of Business, Economic and
        Regional Development operational
            Total = $15 875

        February-June 2008

        Chamber of Commerce NT – Supply Services Manufacturing (SSM)
        Directory - $1560
        Total Publications = $1560

        Northern Territory News – $2084
        Centralian Advocate – $603
        Alice Springs News – $307
        Tennant and District Times – $429
        Arafura Times – $265
        Darwin and Palmerston Sun – $327
        Katherine Times – $338
        Jabiru Rag – $73
        Eylandt Echo – $100
        Tiwi Island newsletter/paper – $132
        Wadeye newsletter/paper – Nil cost
        Indigenous Economic Development (IED) Update - Nil cost
        Total Press = $4657

        Radio Larrakia – $380
        Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) Radio – $1740
        Territory FM – $1350
        8EAR Gove– $714
        Top End Aboriginal Business Broadcasting Association (TEABBA) – $610
        Total Radio = $4794

        Distinctive Promotions – Mini note pad holder
        Total Promotional Item = $1889

        Mail Out; Website; Poster; Flyers; Banner; Graphic Design Artwork; Printing.
        Total Other = $2975

        No formal market research was conducted prior to this campaign.
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