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Domestic Violence Strategy


10th Assembly


67. Domestic Violence Strategy

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister


Domestic Violence Strategy

1. Chief Minister there has been an increase in violence around the Northern Territory and it is due in part to domestic violence. Can you indicate whether the resources allocated to the government’s domestic violence strategy has increased in 2005/2006. If so, is it adequate.
2. It’s my understanding that increased funding for the Government’s domestic violence program was rejected and that a review into the program and its funding is to be conducted. Is that true.
3. When will this review be undertaken.


Answered on 19/05/2006

1. Yes, the resources allocated to the Government’s Domestic & Family Violence Strategy have increased in 2005-06, through five joint Australian and NT Government bilateral projects. Funding totals $4.26m with the Australian Government contribution totalling $1.83m. These additional resources are consistent with Government’s comprehensive domestic violence strategy.

2. While funding was not initially provided for a program working with offenders, this initiative has now been funded through a bi-lateral agreement with the Australian Government. The Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Strategies were launched in late 2002. At that time, the Government foreshadowed ongoing evaluation and improvement which has already commenced with the establishment of a new Advisory Council.

3. An independent evaluation of the strategies is currently being conducted by Charles Darwin University, with findings due in 2006.
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