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Extension Officers at Research Farms


11th Assembly


188. Extension Officers at Research Farms

Mr Westra van Holthe to MINISTER for Minister for Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources


      Please advise:

    1. How many extension officers were employed at Coastal Plains Research Farm, Ti Tree Research Farm, Berrimah Farm, Arid Zone Research Institute, Katherine Research Station, Victoria River Research Station, Beatrice Hill Farm, Old Man Plains and Douglas Daly Research Farm in 2009 and how many extension officers were employed in the same areas in 2001.


Answered on 15/09/2010
        In 2001 there were three dedicated extension officers.
        More recently extension capacity of individual staff has been included as part of their day to day duties. The 2009 extension services provided to industry was the equivalent of 56 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff (see the Annual Extension Report, which can be downloaded from the department’s website.
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016