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Trans-Territory Pipeline


10th Assembly


22. Trans-Territory Pipeline

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Trans-Territory Pipeline

1. Is your Government having discussions with proponents of the PNG gas pipeline with a view to purchase gas for Territory consumption?
2. Which fields off the Territory coast do you believe represent a viable source for Territory gas supplies.
3. Can you give Territorians a guarantee that bringing gas onshore will mean cheaper energy costs?
4. Can you give Territorians a guarantee that the cost of their power will not increase during this term of office?


Answered on 05/10/2005

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1. The Power Water Corporation continues to have discussions/negotiations with all possible gas suppliers to the Northern Territory market place – which includes proponents of the PNG project.

2. Within the timeframe for the next gas purchase by PowerWater, the following projects are potential supply sources:


In addition, other projects capable of supporting PowerWater include Amadeus Basin and the PNG project.

3. The cost of energy is a reflection of many factors, not the least being demand and supply at a global level. PowerWater’s contractual negotiations are on foot and their objective is to secure supply at competitive prices.

4. The NT Government provides a substantial community service obligation payment to PowerWater to assist in keeping power costs to Territorians as affordable as possible and will continue to do so.
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