Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government



10th Assembly


172. Consultants

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Polic, Fire and Emergency Services


1. Did the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Services employ any consultants during 2004/2005 to undertake work specifically relating to the area of Policy Advice and Public Sector Co-ordination.
2. If so, Who were the consultants.
3. What was the nature of each consultancy.
4. Please list all the consultancies awarded by Certificate of Exemption.
5. In how many and in which consultancies were expressions of interest or tenders called before a person or body was engaged to carry out that promotion.
6. Please provided the detail and cost of each consultancy.


Answered on 17/11/2005

The NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services’ Human Resource Management Branch engaged one consultant who was John O’Leary from John O’Leary Consulting. He was engaged to provide strategic human resource management advice and project management. His engagement was not awarded by Certificate of Exemption but rather through a tender process. He is on the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment’s panel of tenders, and it is through this that he was engaged. Cost of his consultancy through the 2004-05 period was $53 227.
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016