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OCPE Human Resources


10th Assembly


122. OCPE Human Resources

Ms CArney to MINISTER for Public Employment

OCPE Human Resources

1. Why have you decided to outsource the provision of Human Resource advice in this department.
2. How many of those selected as part of the contract were from interstate.
3. Was it not a 2001 Labor Party election policy not to engage in outsourcing.
4. Why can't you then attract Human Resource staff of sufficient calibre to work in the NTPS - I would have thought that this was a high priority.


Answered on 05/10/2005

1. Human resource advice has not been outsourced by OCPE. A two year panel contract for the provision of Human Resource Services was established in December 2004 in order to enhance existing services within Northern Territory government agencies. OCPE continues to be the central agency responsible for sector wide HR/IR strategic advice.
    The establishment of the Panel Contract was in response to requests from agencies for a more simplified process. It replaces the ad hoc, agency by agency that was in use.

    The panel contract covers the following areas:
1. Mediation/conciliation services
2. internal investigation
3. executive employment, recruitment selection and outplacement services
4. Industrial Relations
5. HRM / ER Services
6. Performance Review / Evaluation
7. Equity & Diversity

2. Eleven of the twenty six consultants that have been selected for the panel contract are interstate based. Each panel is comprised of both NT based and interstate consultants to ensure NTG agencies have access to local providers wherever possible.

3. The establishment of the HR panel contract does not constitute outsourcing.

4. The NTPS has high quality human resources staff. The establishment of this Panel Contract supplements their roles.
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