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Advertising on Government Website


10th Assembly


62. Advertising on Government Website

Ms Carney to for Chief Minister

Advertising on Government Website

1. Chief Minister why is the Government website funded and paid for by the Territory taxpayer, containing Government press releases, maintained from the political Office of the Chief Minister.

2 Why is the website paid for by taxpayers not maintained by the Independent arm of the Department of Chief Ministers rather than the very political arm of your office, particularly since your Good Governance document promises:
      Labor will cut the waste, restricting advertising to the promotion of legitimate government needs, not de facto political advertising.
3. Do you condone the use of this taxpayer funded website by your office and Ministers to promulgate political comment. In the interests of your Good Governance promises will you return control of this website to its proper keepers the Independent office of your department.


Answered on 05/10/2005

H:\CMU\Administration\05 - Correspondence\03 - Ministerial\2005\Questions on Notice\Wqsts62 website.doc
1. Across Australia, all State, Federal and Territory Governments, with the exception of NSW, maintain a similar website containing the media releases of all Ministers.

2. In all states, the content of the website is maintained by the Ministerial office while the back end is maintained by the Department.

3. This practice is consistent with the Northern Territory Government Guidelines for Information Programs conducted by Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition, which was developed in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition’s office in 2004.
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