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Resource Development Division


11th Assembly


102. Resource Development Division

Mr Westra van Holthe to MINISTER for Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources

    1. In relation to the Department and its Resource Development Division, in 2009:
        (a) How many visits (including number of visitors) of international representatives to the Northern Territory were facilitated;

        (b) How many representations were made by the Department and its Divisions overseas; and

        (c) What was the cost of overseas representation.

    2. In 2009, did the Department and specifically the Resource Development Division provide advice and facilitation to potential and existing mining operators on infrastructure issues, in particular road and rail transport, port, power and land access and further:
        (a) How many operators were facilitated;
        (b) With which other NT departments did discussions take place;
        (c) What was the scope of those discussions; and
        (d) Did the Department and the Resource Development Division facilitate any agreements or have any input to the Growth Town strategy.

    3. Further, as of 1 April 2010:
        (a) Did the Department, in any of its divisions, participate in any activities or have any input to the rating of mining tenements since the introduction of shires in 2008; and
        (b) If so, has the department made a recommendation in regards to rating, and what was that recommendation, and any subsequent recommendation


Answered on 28/05/2010
RESOURce development DIVISION


1) In relation to the department and it Resources Development division, in 2009:

(a) 78 international representatives from 29 organisations were facilitated by the division.

(b) the department made five international representations. These included two representations to China, two to Japan and one to Canada.

(c) total cost of overseas representation for the department was $155 436.55

2) The division provides facilitation services to all exploration and mining development projects in the Northern Territory. Part of this facilitation process is to identify if there are potentially any infrastructure issues associated with the proposed development. The division organises or provides contacts for the relevant organisation or agency that manages those issues.

(a) Numerous exploration and mining development projects were facilitated, including but not limited to six Mining operators and four Exploration operators.

(b) The following Northern Territory agencies were involved in various discussions: the Department of the Chief Minister; NT Worksafe; Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport; Department of Lands and Planning; Department of Construction and Infrastructure; PowerWater Corporation; Darwin Port Corporation; and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.

(c) The scope of discussions generally included:
Overview of the proposed development or activity
Options available for the proposed activity
Any issues relevant to the managing authority
Options for addressing any issues identified.

(d) The division provided information for incorporation into the whole of department input into the Growth Town Strategy.

3) As of 1 April 2010:
(a) Yes, the department provided advice to Local Government on the general workings of mineral titles.

The department provides information annually on the number of active titles.

(b) No.
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