Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Investigation and Prosecution of Mr Bob Collins


10th Assembly


276. Investigation and Prosecution of Mr Bob Collins

Mr Mills to for Chief Minister


    1. On what date or dates did -
        (a) Police brief government Ministers and or staff on the investigation into Bob Collins;

        (b) Police brief any other government departments or public servants in respect to the investigation into Bob Collins;

        (c) Police brief Chief Minister Paul Henderson, as Chief Minister or in any other role, regarding the Bob Collins investigation and if these briefings occurred, who was present at these briefings.

    2. Did the now Chief Minister, then Police Minister, Mr Paul Henderson discuss or inform the then Chief Minister Ms Clare Martin of the nature of the briefings he had received regarding Bob Collins; if so, how did this discussion occur (by phone or meeting) and who was present at this meeting.

    3. Did the then Chief Minister Ms Clare Martin contact the Police Commissioner on 9 February 2005 on the strength of a rumour she had heard about Bob Collins; if so,
        In respect of this information -

        (a) What investigations have been conducted to trace the source of the rumour;

        (b) What internal audits have been conducted to determine the source of how this rumour was leaked into the public domain; and

        (c) What are the results of any such audit/investigation.

    4. Did NT Police contact Ministerial Staffer Mr Mark Nelson in June 2004 to organise a briefing regarding their investigations of Bob Collins with his Minister Mr Paul Henderson; if so, in regard to this meeting and briefing, would the Chief Minister make available -

        (a) all relevant documents relating to the organisation of that briefing; and

        (b) any emails, diary entries or notes in Police files regarding that briefing.

    5. If Government declines to provide details on the timings and information provided at these briefings enumerated in Questions 1 to 4, on what grounds are the details withheld.

    6. Was there any communication between Ministers’ Offices and the Department of Justice regarding the Bob Collins investigations; if so, what was the substance of those communications and when did they occur; and will the government make available any documents including unofficial documents such as emails, notes or any other such communication pertaining to such communications.

    7. Was Bob Collins’ name removed from court lists; if so, why, and what grounds did the prosecution support the suppression order sought by Defence Counsel in the Bob Collins investigation.

    8. Did Supt Gary Smith of the Northern Territory Police (now deceased), write a letter suggesting unwarranted interference into investigations surrounding Bob Collins; if so, will the government provide a copy of that letter to the Leader of the Opposition and if not, why not.

    9. Will the Chief Minister support a Judicial Inquiry into the activities of Bob Collins in the Territory including identifying any other victims and the interaction and involvement between Ministers, Ministerial offices and Bob Collins and associates in the time leading up to and following the announcement of an investigation into these activities.


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Last updated: 04 Aug 2016