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Inquiry into actions of Mr Gillies and Outcomes


10th Assembly


89. Inquiry into actions of Mr Gillies and Outcomes

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General

Inquiry into actions of Mr Gillies and Outcomes

1. There was an inquiry into complaints made about Mr Gillies. Please outline the nature of those complaints.
2. Were you aware that Mr Gillies continued to sit as a Magistrate even after various details of the inquiry were made public?
3. Do you think that once details of complaints against a Magistrate and details of inquiry are made public, that this undermines the public’s confidence in the administration of justice?
4. In the event that a similar matter arose in the future, what steps would you take to ensure that details were not made public, thereby undermining public confidence in the administration of justice?
5. You advised after Mr Gillies resigned that he had received a payment from Government. What was the amount paid?
6. On what basis was the money paid? Did he resign or was a deal worked out? If there was a deal, what were the terms of the deal?
7. If the deal was confidential, why is it confidential? How will the public know what has happened to their money?


Answered on 18/12/2006

1. The nature of the complaints made about Mr Gillies were in relation to his suitability to fulfil the office of Stipendiary Magistrate.

2. Yes.

3. The fact of the process, which was announced by government, would have a positive effect on public confidence in the administration of justice.

4. Similar steps would be taken to maintain confidentiality.

5. The amount paid to Mr Gillies is confidential. The Auditor-General, who is the proper officer to protect the public interest in Government expenditure, was advised of the details.

6. The terms of resolution of the matter are confidential. The Auditor-General was advised of the terms.

7. The terms of the resolution were confidential, including at the request of Mr Gillies. This is the usual basis on which such matters are resolved. All Territory governments elected since self-government have recognised this, and sound policy reasons exist for this approach. The Auditor-General protects the public interest in respect of the expenditure of public money.
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