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Road Safety Program


10th Assembly


186. Road Safety Program

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services


Road Safety Program

1. The original budget of 2002/2003 for road safety services was $11m. In 2005/2006 it will be $9.288 million. Given that Government is claiming there are more cars on our roads because of new registrations and increasing population why is less being spent on road safety in the Northern Territory.


Answered on 27/09/2005

The Northern Territory Police Force has adopted an intelligence led approach to Road Safety Enforcement and education. The current strategies use an intelligence-led approach to identify and target ‘hot spots’ of offending activities and recidivist offenders. This approach allows a far more efficient and effective deployment of resources with a focus on prevention and reducing serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes. Education strategies include lectures delivered to High School students, Defence personnel and other user groups to increase road safety awareness. The introduction of the ‘Beat the Heat’ Program is a further example of a road safety partnership focusing on a key at risk group, namely young and inexperienced drivers. Enforcement strategies have been enhanced through the purchase and introduction of 20 new upgraded laser and radar speed detection devices, 150 new alcohol screening devices and 47 new breath analysis instruments. These resources have increased pro-active enforcement capacities and have resulted in a greater cross section of operational Police being better equipped to carry out enforcement activities.
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016