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HRM Grievances in Public Service


10th Assembly


123. HRM Grievances in Public Service

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Public Employment

HRM Grievances in Public Service

1. Why were there 58 more grievances, appeals, complaints finalised than expected from last years Budget.
2. Why are there more of these incidences occurring.


Answered on 05/10/2005

The estimate of 177 provided in the Budget Papers for 2005/2006 reflected actual figures as at 31 March 2005

The increase in activity from the Budget Paper estimates for 2004/2005 and actual Grievance/Appeals/Complaints was influenced by an increase in the number of promotions and three bulk selection exercises within Department of Justice and one within Department of Corporate and Information Services drawing multiple promotions appeals and “protective” appeals.

Due to a reallocation of OCPE resources there was an increase in finalised grievances; resulting from an overall increase in grievances generally and finalisation of some outstanding longer term grievances.
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