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Investment Attraction - Advertising and Research


10th Assembly


12. Investment Attraction - Advertising and Research

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Infrastructure and Transport

Investment Attraction - Advertising and Research

1. How much was spent on investment advertising interstate during 2004/05.
2. Detail a breakdown by state and the nature of the advertising.
3. Has any research been undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of investment advertising interstate – to look to see what increase and awareness has been achieved.
4. If so, who carried out the research and what was the outcome of that research.
5. How much did the research cost.


Answered on 03/08/2006

1. $17,409.
2. The table below details investment advertising undertaken
StateName of MediaSubject
NationalAustralian Transport and Logistics ReviewAustralAsia Trade Route
NationalAustralian Financial ReviewNT Feature Special Report
Total Cost
3. No formal evaluation has been done to date, but as the early investment attraction efforts are built upon, it is anticipated that evaluation work will be undertaken.
4. Not Applicable
5. Not Applicable
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