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Indigenous Housing - Federal Government Funding


10th Assembly


103. Indigenous Housing - Federal Government Funding

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Tourism

Federal Government Funding to NTG for Indigenous Housing

1. How much is the NT Government receiving from the Federal Government for Indigenous Housing.
2. How much is the Federal Govt. providing for servicing housing and essential services to small and medium sized remote communities.
3. How much has been provided by the Federal Govt. for housing and related infrastructure.


Answered on 06/02/2006

G:\Secretariat\Secretariat - Confidential\Ministerials\2005 - CM Drafts\CM4800 - CM4899\CM4816 No.103 - Indigenous Housing Answer.doc
1. Total Federal Government funding received by the Northern Territory Government in 2004/05 was $41,679,000. This comprised:

Aboriginal Rental Housing Program (ARHP) $19,690,000
Additional ARHP $4,730,000
    (The NT provides this additional funding allocation to the provision of its ARHP entitlement that it receives through the CSHA).
Community Housing and Infrastructure Program (CHIP) $17,259,000
    (The CHIP funding is provided directly into the IHANT account)
2. With regard to housing see response to Question 1
    With regard to essential services the following is provided:

The Territory funds essential services provision (power, water and sewerage) to 72 major communities (Attachment A), which is approximately 80% of NT remote Indigenous communities population. In addition, the Territory funds the provision of power and water in 28 outstations and water only in a further 4 outstations, through historical and exceptional arrangements with the Australian Government.
The Australian Government directly funds essential services provision in approximately 630 outstations and smaller communities (approximately 20% of NT remote Indigenous community’s population).
Questions relating to Federal Government policy and funding should be referred to my Federal counterpart. The Australian Government provides in the order of $60m per annum to Australian Government funded NT communities.

    3. See responses to Questions 1 and 2.
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