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Community Health Services Budget 2005/2006


10th Assembly


159. Community Health Services Budget 2005/2006

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Health

Community Health Services Budget 2005/2006

Community Health services has been cut in the 2005/2006 budget by nearly $6m. These services are aimed at improving health through education and development, prevention, early intervention. The outcome for these services is, according to Budget Paper 3 at page 125, ‘that the burden of ill-health in the community and the need for hospitalisation are reduced’. Minister, more people are estimated to be admitted into Territory hospitals in the next financial year, based on estimates in the Budget.
    1. Why have you cut funding to community health services by $6m, and do you admit you have failed to reduce the burden of ill-health and the need for hospitalisation for Territorians.


    Answered on 07/02/2006

    F:\Executive\Executive Services\Min Tracking\2005\WRITTEN QUESTIONS\Written Question No 159.doc
      While there is a $5.467 million decrease in the ‘Community Health Services’ output budget, there has been a considerable review in the way the costs were mapped to the output groups, thereby resulting in an increase in the ‘Admitted Patient Services’ output.
      With carryovers, cancellation of Commonwealth Funded Programs and additional new Commonwealth Funded Programs, there has in effect been no significant change.
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