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Trade Links, Development


10th Assembly


116. Trade Links, Development

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Business and Economic Development

Trade Links, Development

1. How many international trips were taken by members of this government in 2004/2005 in the hope of forging new trade links.
2. What was the number or trips in 2003/2004.
3. Please provide a cost breakdown of each trip, an itinerary and the job positions of those who travelled with the minister.
4. Please provide details of any consultants taken on these trips.
5. Please provide a list of all expenses incurred while on these trips.


Answered on 06/01/2006

1. In 2004/05, Six (6) international missions were led by Ministers of this government and a further twelve (12) were undertaken by senior departmental staff with industry delegations.
    Each of these visits was successful in building stronger relationships in the region and missions to areas such as Eastern Indonesia, Sabah, Brunei and Germany have already shown results with Territory firms either picking up contracts or currently bidding for work.

2. This compares to five (5) Ministerial led delegations and eight (8) departmental led delegations in 2003/04.

3. A detailed cost breakdown for each trip, along with the details of those travelling with the various Ministers was provided to the Estimates Committee.

4. No paid consultants were taken on trade missions. All industry delegates, where applicable, had the option of accessing assistance through the Trade Support Scheme.

5. A full and detailed list of expenses incurred during market visits was provided to Estimates Committee.
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