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AustralAsia Railway - Railway Stations


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41. AustralAsia Railway - Railway Stations

Ms Carney to MINISTER for the AustralAsia Railway


AustralAsia Railway - Railway Stations

1. During the election campaign $740 000 was promised to upgrade the Alice Springs Railway station. Detail the breakdown of costs and Government contribution to this upgrade and when will work begin?
2. Are any upgrades planned for other railway stations only the route between Alice Springs and Darwin? If so when will work commence?


Answered on 06/02/2006

Question 1

The Chief Minister’s media release on 9 June 2005 stated that $740 000 is to be spent on upgrading the Alice Springs Railway Station. Two projects will be undertaken with this funding.

The first project, worth $340 000, will upgrade the Alice Springs Railway Station Terminal. The Northern Territory Government is providing 50% of the funding, with Great Southern Railways contributing the other 50%. The contract for the works was awarded to Alice Springs based company, Centralian Construction Management Pty Ltd, and works commenced in early October 2005. The project is on track to be finished in early December 2005. Additionally, Alice Springs Town Council have made a commitment to the project and will be resurfacing the platform area in the last week of November 2005.

The second project, valued at $400 000, is a commitment to the construction of a new walking path and replacement of part of the boundary fence at the Station. This commitment is to be fully funded by the Northern Territory Government and will be considered during the forthcoming annual budget process for future programming.

Question 2

There are no other upgrades planned for railway stations in the Northern Territory. The stations are relatively new and do not require any capital expenditure at this stage. Routine maintenance of the stations will continue on an ongoing basis.
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