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Papunya Investigation


10th Assembly


185. Papunya Investigation

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Papunya Investigation

An investigation is currently under way into the misappropriation of funds and property at the Aboriginal Community of Papunya:
    1. Have Northern Territory Police been involved in any forms of investigations into monies or property gone missing from Papunya during 2004/2005.


    Answered on 06/01/2006

    For the period 2004-05, there were 16 reported stealing incidents reported to Papunya Police. The majority of incidents were minor in nature such as stealing petrol from vehicles. Four of these incidents involved Papunya Council, and details are as follows:

    The stealing of an envelope containing $2,642 cash in March 2005 from the front counter area of the Papunya Council Office. No suspect identified.
    The stealing of Community Development Employment Program wages of $2,904 in December 2004 from the cash tin. No suspect identified.
    Two matters involved the former Office Manager of Mt Liebig Community underpaying travel allowance to Council Members, and removal of Council property when leaving the community. The matters are still under investigation.

    The most recent complaint arose on Thursday, 1 September 2005 when a complaint was received alleging property belonging to the Lyappa Social Club Incorporated (Papunya Store and Social Club) had been unlawfully disposed of. NT Police are currently investigating this claim.

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