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Frail and Aged extended stays in Hospital


10th Assembly


205. Frail and Aged extended stays in Hospital

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Family and Community Services

Frail and Aged extended stays in Hospital

Minister I am advised that some people are stuck in hospital longer than is needed because requests to the TIME Scheme for equipment get held up. Apparently certain requests have to be considered by a committee that only meets monthly.

1. What can you do to alleviate the delay in supply of equipment to the elderly under the TIME Scheme.


Answered on 07/02/2006

The Territory Independence and Mobility Equipment (TIME) Scheme is managed to minimise delays for people requiring equipment to return home.

Standard items that are held in stock are provided immediately on discharge, while items requiring supply from interstate are usually provided within two weeks. Short term loan equipment is also available.

Non standard items are reviewed by a Prescriptions Committee. These are either highly specialised items or equipment requiring modifications to meet specific needs. The Prescriptions Committee meets weekly to approve such purchases to expedite processing of requests.

Many of these items are required to be ordered from interstate and can be subject to longer delays in supply. Where lengthy delays may occur, temporary options are considered provided they do not compromise client safety.
Last updated: 04 Aug 2016