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Staffing of NTPS


11th Assembly


70. Staffing of NTPS

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Public Employment

    As at 29 October 2009:

    1. How many persons were employed by the Northern Territory Public Service.
      2. How many persons are employed in each agency, broken down by designated level.

      3. How many positions were nominally vacant in the NTPS and what is the breakdown of vacancies in terms of number of positions and their level for the periods of 1 month or less, 1 month to 3 months, 3 months to 6 months, and those 6 months or more.
        4. How many persons were acting in a position that was not their nominal position.
          5. How many persons are on higher duties payments, broken down to groups of their current level against their nominal level.

          6. How many persons have contract positions with the NTPS.

          7. Of those persons with contract positions, how many are temporarily appointed public servants and from what levels have those persons been appointed; broken down by current contract level against nominal level.


        Answered on 08/03/2010

        G:\Executive\Commissioner\Ministerials\Written Question 70.doc

        1. NTPS staffing numbers are reported quarterly on the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment website. As at 29 October the total number was 18292.

        2. For detail on persons employed by each agency see Attachment A.

        3. Accurate information on this is unavailable as staffing in agencies is not subject to a fixed number of ‘positions’ but by budget.

        4. There were 3,103 persons acting in a designated position other than their nominal position.

        5. Total Number on HDA was 2,726 persons.

        6. All temporary positions are contract positions. Total number of employees classified as temporary – 4,917.

        7. Contract employees do not have nominal permanent positions.
        Last updated: 04 Aug 2016