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SIHIP construction costs per square metre per community


11th Assembly


269. SIHIP construction costs per square metre per community

Mr Giles to MINISTER for Public and Affordable Housing

          1. Please provide a breakdown of average projected construction costs according to cost per square metre and cost per bedroom for each SIHIP community and each Alliance Partner within that community.
            2. Please provide a comparison with final construction costs for each of these, where construction has already been completed.
            3. When detailing average costs in above questions, please provide separate figures within a community where construction has been undertaken by different companies, for example in Wadeye where the local community building company TDC has built approximately 49 houses and the Alliance built the remaining.
            4. For Earth Alliance, please detail how many houses were they originally contracted to build, broken down by community, number of bedrooms, floor size and whether detached or duplex. Please provide a comparison of these details with the current scope of works in each of these communities.


    Answered on 16/09/2011

    Last updated: 04 Aug 2016