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Counter-Terrorism Security


10th Assembly


181. Counter-Terrorism Security

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Counter-Terrorism Security

1. What was the work of the Territory’s Counter-Terrorism Security Coordination Unit in 2004/2005 and what is its budget.


Answered on 27/09/2005

The Territory’s Counter-Terrorism Security Coordination Unit (CTSCU) undertook a wide range of initiatives to enhance security from a counter terrorism perspective during the 2004-05 period. These initiatives included capability development, training, exercising, planning and equipment procurement across the twelve recognised specialist CT areas of Command, Tactical, Bomb Response, Bomb Scene Examination, Media, Negotiation, Intelligence, Police Technical Unit, Exercise Management, Dignitary Protection, Crisis Centre Development, and Integration of Crisis and Consequence Management.

The CTSCU facilitated the NT’s participation in two of the largest Counter Terrorism exercises ever conducted in Australia, MJEX05 and ICMEX05. These exercises involved whole of government response to simulated terrorist acts in and around Darwin, and were funded by the Australian Government.

The CTSCU was also responsible for developing formal counter terrorism plans for the Northern Territory including the NT Counter Terrorism Plan, and the NT Chemical Biological and Radiological (CBR) Response Plan.

The CTSCU is heavily involved in all facets of counter terrorism security arrangements involving the Maritime, Aviation and Surface transport sectors, and all Critical Infrastructure throughout the NT.

The CTSCU is the focal point for counter terrorism in the NT, with significant involvement at both Territory and National levels in ensuring consistent security arrangements are developed and implemented within this jurisdiction.

During the 2004-05 financial year, the CTSCU Operational Budget was $181 000 and the Personnel budget $439 000. A similar level of funding will be provided in the 2005-06 financial year.In addition, the CTSCU managed a Commonwealth Regional Aviation Security Program budget allocation of $80 000 in 2004-05. This is part of a four year ($600 000) allocation from the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services, to enhance aviation security at the 17 identified regional airports across the NT.

Special Funding from the Northern Territory Government of $1M over three years commencing in 2004-05 was provided for equipment and training, to enhance the Counter Terrorism response capability of the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services. $400,000 of this allocation dedicated to counter terrorism initiatives during the 2004-05 period to provide:

Specialist CT Equipment;
Specialist CT Training and Capability Development Courses; and
Northern Territory Police participation in critical national counter terrorism forums and workshops to ensure the NT maintains currency in national and international developments and trends concerning terrorism.

$303 000 is programmed for this purpose in the 2005-06 period, and a further $297 000 is programmed for the 2006-07 financial year.
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