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"Common Ground" - Publication


10th Assembly


16. "Common Ground" - Publication

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Indigenous Affairs

"Common Ground" - Publication

1. How many issues of the publication ‘Common Ground’ were printed in 04/05 and at what cost.
2. How is editorial comment for Common Ground decided.
3. Are there any articles or photographs that appear in Common Ground provided from the Office of the Chief Minister or her Minister’s offices.
4. What is the circulation of Common Ground (Aboriginal Newspaper) and how is it distributed.
5. Provide a breakdown of costs to produce Common Ground.
6. What is the forecast Budget for Common Ground.


Answered on 06/02/2006


1. Two issues of Common Ground were printed in 04/05.

The cost to print Common Ground at the Government Printing office was:
July 2004 $11,000
December 2004 $9,300

2. Editorial comment, such that it is, is given within the message from the Chief Minister that appears on page 2. This is provided by the Chief Minister’s Office.

In establishing the content of the newspaper, a draft story list is produced by the Office of Indigenous Policy based on NTG media releases, releases from other organisations, news items and stories as suggested by Indigenous organisations, communities or individuals. This list is then distributed to NTG Communications Directors for refining and appropriate distribution.

3. Occasionally a photograph is supplied by a Minister’s office if an event has taken place at a remote location, for example the opening of the Kintore Police Station. Text for the Chief Minister’s page 2 column is also supplied (as mentioned above).

4. The current mailing list accounts for distribution of over 8,000 copies. Individuals and organisations must either email or fax a written request to be included in the Common Ground mailing list. The remaining copies, 6,000 in the Dry Season and around 3 - 4,000 in the Wet, are distributed through a range of local outlets including art centres and galleries, renal centres, hospitals, Aboriginal media centres and local businesses, and at key events and conferences such as the annual show circuit and the Garma Festival.

5. Printing $20,300
Layout, Design $11,500
Writers, proofing $6,000
Postage $5,600
Supply photos $300

Total for 04/05 $43,700

6. Approximately $22,000 per edition
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