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Road Sign Policy

9th Assembly


155. Road Sign Policy

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport adn Infrastructure

1. Has the department developed a road sign policy –
      (a) if not, why is it taking so long to develop the policy;
      (b) when can the public expect to see the draft policy; and
(c) will businesses be notified of the draft policy.

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Answered on 30/08/2004

(a) The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment has commenced a comprehensive review of the NT Roadside Advertising Policy and Guidelines. However, a more encompassing review was considered necessary as the Department subsequently commenced a detailed review of the Control ofRoads Act to better provide for the administration and control of roads in the NT. The proposed Roadside Advertising Policy and Guidelines will be hinged to this Act in order to give this policy the necessary statutory force. The policy aims to seek a balance between the need for private roadside advertising against the Department’s need to maintain safety and the aesthetics of the NT road environment.

(b) To seek public consultation of the Draft Roadside Advertising Policy and Guidelines without attending to any amendments to the Control of Roads Act is counterproductive as the proposed legislation may generate changes to the draft policy, and where necessary, may require a new course of action. The Draft Roadside Advertising Policy and Guidelines will be exhibited for public comment following amendment of the Control of Roads Act.

(c) Yes. The Department recognises that signage is an issue that can attract strong opinion from various viewpoints. As such, the business community will be given the opportunity to examine and comment on the Draft Roadside Advertising Policy and Guidelines.
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