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50 additional Police Officers

9th Assembly


2. 50 additional Police Officers

Mr Reed to MINISTER for Police Fire and Emergency Services

In relation to the additional 50 Police Officers promised by the government during the election:

1. How will the increase of 50 additional police be calculated.
2. Will it be an additional 50 officers above the current establishment level or an increase of 50 on the current number, which is higher than the establishment number.
3. How many of the additional 50 police officers will be allocated to the Labor Government’s Home Invasion Squad.
4. Has an increase in Police Auxiliaries or Aboriginal Community Police Officers been built into the commitment for 50 extra police.
5. Why is the Minister deciding the staffing needs of specialized police squads, rather than the Police Commissioner.

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Answered on 25/02/2002

1. The methodology for calculating any increase in police staffing numbers will continue to be the long-standing existing practice. That is, no change to the present Government’s practice in this regard is contemplated. It will be calculated therefore according to the provision of funding for this purpose over the term of office of the Government.

2. This Government’s commitment relates to the current establishment level. The Commissioner will progressively increase the establishment of the Police Force from 940 to 990 over the Government’s term of office.

Staffing numbers fluctuate depending upon attrition and the timing of recruit intakes and may be slightly above or below establishment depending upon the timing of these events.

3. The Government’s initial position on this has been stated. A Home Invasion Squad will be established. As far as the allocation of resources to this squad, the Government looks forward to working with the Commissioner of Police on the matter of final allocation.

4. The Commissioner of Police will determine the mix of sworn officers required to meet the tasks expected by him.

5. The Government adheres to the accepted convention where the Commissioner of Police has the operational management of the Police Force, and looks forward to working with the Commissioner to ensure that, as far as possible, he is provided with the necessary resources for this task.
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