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School Zones, Safety

9th Assembly


245. School Zones, Safety

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

1. What, if any, consideration has been given to improving child safety in Alice Springs by either corrugating or colouring areas near school zones that would complement existing 40kph signs.

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Answered on 17/01/2005

The need for additional means of highlighting the entry to school zones has been discussed between officers of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment and local government although existing school zone signs have been placed to be conspicuous for approaching drivers.

The benefit of “threshold” schemes used as standard treatment has not demonstrated significant success in national practice but site specific use of these treatments may have local success.

The use of a corrugated pavement treatment is not advised due to the detrimental noise effect on local residents.

The use of a painted threshold entry to school zones would need careful design and implementation.

A “dollar for dollar” grant may be obtained by local councils through the Local Area Traffic Management program, subject to available funds. This program is administered through the Department’s Road Network Division.
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