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PROMIS management system

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77. PROMIS management system

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

During a recent briefing by the Commissioner for Police he indicated that he planned to spend $1.8million dollars on the police PROMIS system to deal with it's inherent problems - –

How much of that money has been spent and is the system working effectively as a result of this expenditure.

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Answered on 01/03/2004

As a result of years of under-funding, the PROMIS technical environment was very outdated. The upgrade of the system consists of several complex and integrated technical sub-projects including replacement of hardware, and upgrades to the operating systems and databases. These upgrades will create the platform for implementation of the new releases of PROMIS as provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which will provide real gains to the members. As most sub-projects are sequential and reliant on several external parties, the total time to complete this project is substantial.

Numerous sub-projects are now complete, as planned, including the replacement of 20 servers, and upgrades to the databases and associated operating systems. This allowed Police, Fire and Emergency Services to implement the enhancements provided by the AFP from the version used (August 2001 release) to the version released in January 2003. A large number of problems previously experienced were addressed as a result of this.

The next phase of this project includes the final stage of hardware replacement, and upgrades to the operating systems to allow the implementation of the latest version of the PROMIS application.

The $1.8 million funding allocated to the PROMIS system is recurrent. The expenditure to date, is in accordance with the project plan and budget allocation.
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