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Child psychiatrist services, Alice Springs

9th Assembly


240. Child psychiatrist services, Alice Springs

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Family and Community Services


1. Recently Daniel Rumbal has not had any access to a child psychiatrist in Alice Springs. Furthermore, this matter been ongoing for approximately 12 months with no resolution –
      (a) Why does Daniel now need to travel as far as Perth to be seen by a suitably qualified medical practitioner; and

      (b) Is any hope for a child psychiatrist to be based in Alice Springs in the near future, or for that matter elsewhere in the Northern Territory, as I understand that there are no child psychiatrists in the Territory at present.

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Answered on 06/01/2005

Section 91 of the Mental Health and Related Services Act prohibits disclosure of any information regarding a patient’s contact with mental health services without consent. I do not have the consent of the persons concerned within this case to provide any details pertaining to their health condition or treatment. However, I can respond to your question regarding the availability of child psychiatry services in the Northern Territory.

There is a permanent child and adolescent Psychiatrist based in Darwin. There is a second child psychiatrist position in Alice Springs that is currently vacant. There is a specialist child and adolescent psychologist based in Alice Springs.

Child and adolescent psychiatry services in Central Australia have been provided by visiting locum specialists throughout 2004. This will continue until a permanent appointment is made. When Labour came to Government there were no dedicated Government child psychiatrist positions in the Northern Territory.
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