Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Pedestrian safety, Larapinta Drive

9th Assembly


244. Pedestrian safety, Larapinta Drive

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure


I refer to a Departmental Study of Larapinta Drive Alice Springs, following a pedestrian accident in October 2004 –

1. What measures will be undertaken to ensure that pedestrian safety in the Larapinta Drive area is enhanced prior to the commencement of the school year in 2005.

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Answered on 17/01/2005

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment will examine the justification for a specific pedestrian facility on Larapinta Drive at the Diarama Village based on a survey of pedestrian and vehicle numbers through the area and meetings with affected parties.

There are good practice guidelines and Australian Standards for the installation of pedestrian facilities. These standards ensure an equitable treatment for pedestrians is applied throughout the road network in Alice Springs and other roads in the Northern Territory.
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