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Larapinta Drive, dual carriage way

9th Assembly


75. Larapinta Drive, dual carriage way

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

Is there a works program for the construction of a dual carriage way on Larapinta Drive to and from Milner Road roundabout in Alice Springs to the Larapinta Sub Division. If so, when will it be completed and what is the construction timetable for its construction.

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Answered on 05/12/2003

There are no projects included on the current Capital Works Program for duplication of Larapinta Drive between Milner Road and the Larapinta subdivisions.

The current project for the next stage of the residential subdivision in Larapinta Valley includes the construction of a new intersection, including turning lanes and street lighting, on Larapinta Drive to access the subdivision.

The section between Milner Road and Bradshaw Drive has been identified for capacity improvements, and will be considered relative to other priority projects, and within available funds, for inclusion on the Forward Works Programs.
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