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Juvenile detention centre in Alice Springs

9th Assembly


213. Juvenile detention centre in Alice Springs

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General


I would be grateful if you would provide the answers to the following questions in relation to the Justice Department's Budget for 2004-05. In order to assist you, please note that this question relates to output group: 3.0 Correctional Services (3.3: Juvenile Detention).

1. The number of juveniles in custody in the Northern Territory is relatively low, however juveniles in Alice Springs need to be held in custody in Darwin –
      (a) Is it the case that Labor announced since coming to office that it would build a juvenile detention centre in Alice Springs;

      (b) If so, why have plans been changed; and

      (c) If it was never intended to build such a facility, will Government consider doing so, and if not, why not.

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Last updated: 04 Aug 2016