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Roundabout at Lambrick Avenue/Chung Wah Terrace

9th Assembly


154. Roundabout at Lambrick Avenue/Chung Wah Terrace

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

1. There was a contract let during 2003/04 for a roundabout at the corner of Lambrick Avenue and Chung Wah Terrace, how –
      (a) long did it take for this contract to be completed;
      (b) long was it supposed to take;
      (c) much was the contract price; and
(d) much did the job finally cost the government.

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Answered on 20/08/2004

(a) The contract took 38 weeks to complete. A Certificate of Practical Completion was issued on 12 July 2004.

(b) The initial contract period was for 10 weeks.

(c) The original contract price was $712 727.55.

(d) The final contract price was $998 745.72.

Both contract costs and times were adversely affected by the unexpected location of high voltage underground cables.
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