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Dundee Beach Road

9th Assembly


11. Dundee Beach Road

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Essential Services

1. When will further public monies be spent in upgrading the road to Dundee Beach having regard to the renewed development in the area, increased heavy vehicle and trailer traffic which the road endures on any given week end.

2. Since many primary producers who are now producing large quantities of fruit and vegetable in the Dundee region and whose only means of transporting their produce is along a rough and corrugated roads. Would the Minister confirm that during the picking season particularly for mangoes that there will be regular grades of Fog Bay road to ensure that trucks and large vehicles are able to travel without bruising and damaging produce.

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Answered on 13/12/2002

1. An item for $1M is included in the 2002/03 approved Capital Works Program for the upgrading, sealing, and drainage of Fog Bay Road.

It is anticipated that these works will be advertised for public tender in February 2003.

Further items to continue the sealing of the road are included for consideration on future programs. Completion of sealing of the Fog Bay Road was included in the Government’s Projected Capital Works Program.

2. The grading cycle in this area is currently averaged on a four weekly basis. The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment is in regular contact with mango producers in the area and grading cycles are amended, where possible, to accommodate harvesting and transportation needs.
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