Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Office of Commissioner for Public Employment

9th Assembly


137. Office of Commissioner for Public Employment

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Employment Education and Training

1. The Office was given an extra $1.7 million dollars in 2003/04 (final estimate compared with original budget), an increase in spending of about 40 percent.
      (a) Why the increase.
      (b) What was it spent on.

2. The 2004/05 budget allocates a similar larger amount to the Office.
(a) Will the office continue to cost that much more than it did in the past.

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Answered on 23/11/2004

1. (a) The increase was due to:

The Remote Workforce Development Strategy
The NT Fire Service Review; and
DCIS notional charges.

(b) The increase in expenditure matched the related expenses incurred for the revenue received.

2. (a) Both Remote Workforce Development Program and DCIS notional charges are ongoing.
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