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Sports Development Expenditure 2003/2004 - Kintore

9th Assembly


128. Sports Development Expenditure 2003/2004 - Kintore

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Sport

How much is being spent in financial year 2003/2004 for sports development by way of Sports Grants and Wages in Kintore.

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Answered on 06/05/2004

The Walungurru Council Aboriginal Corporation (Kintore Community) did not apply for a grant under the Office of Sport and Recreation’s Local Governing Bodies Grants Program in 2003/2004 financial year.

Sport and Recreation funding for financial year 2003/2004 for Walungurru Council Aboriginal Corporation under Grass Roots Development Grant is $3,000.

Grass Roots funding is made available twice in each financial year. Organisations can only receive one Grass Roots Grant per financial year. Therefore, the Kintore community will be eligible to apply for further Grass Roots funding in the 2004/2005 financial year. Applictions for that your close on 31 August 2004.
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