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Wickham Point Road

9th Assembly


161. Wickham Point Road

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

1. Did the $2 million in the 2003/04 budget for the Wickham Point Road include the money needed to repair the damage done to it by the way it was constructed.
2. What was the total cost of the Wickham Point Road.

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Answered on 30/08/2004

1. $2 034 000 was recorded in the Budget Papers as a revote into the 2003-04 Capital Works Program. The project has been on the Program since 2001-02. The road design involved a two-stage construction over a wet season to allow for the settlement and stabilisation of the embankments. Any maintenance required was due to planned subsidence, not to any defect in the construction method.
2. The Completion Target Date is 30 October 2004 at which time total expenditure is anticipated to be $7 855 000.
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