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Capital Works Program – Revote 2004/2005

9th Assembly


159. Capital Works Program – Revote 2004/2005

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

      1. In the 2003/04 budget, the Capital Works Program shows that the total program for DEET would be worth $28 million and the 2004/05 program shows that the revote ALONE from DEET is $34 million,
          (a) how did that happen; and
(b) why is that revote greater than the whole budget last year.

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Answered on 30/08/2004

(a) The original 2003-04 DEET Capital Works Program was $28.6m. This program had approved variations throughout the 2003-04 year that resulted in a total program increase of $20.3m giving DEET a new 2003-04 total Capital Works Program of $48.9m. The major additions to the program in 2003-04 were the Desert Knowledge Centre (net increase of $11.5m) and redevelopment of the Darwin High School ($6.2m).

    (b) The 2004-05 revote is greater than the initial 2003-04 program because of the approved addition of items to the 2003-04 program.
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