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Police and Fire Station, Humpty Doo

9th Assembly


158. Police and Fire Station, Humpty Doo

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

1. The predicted cost of the Police and Fire Station at Humpty Doo has already gone up, compared with earlier predictions, why is this so.

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Answered on 20/08/2004

The original approved program provision of $1.42m for the 2003-04 Capital Works Program was 'forecast' some 12 months prior, during 2002-03 financial year.

The then 'order of cost' estimate ($1.42m) was based on the client's preliminary brief and a basic conceptual design whilst the actual (final) site of the Tri-Services complex was still uncertain.

Upon determination of the site and its associated construction implications full project design and documentation was completed as 'Stage l' which essentially accommodates Police and Fire Services operational requirements.

Subsequently, the project estimate was reviewed, taking into consideration the fully developed specification documents and the current trend of escalating market prices in a buoyant Construction Industry.

The project estimate was reassessed to the value of $1.95m.

Tenders for this work recently closed on 9 June 2004 with the successful Tenderer, Norbuilt Pty Ltd being awarded the contract at $1 934 363.
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